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We won't make a 3DS/2DS emulator.

#1 Re: Support » Touchpen only reacts to "doubleclicks" » 2017-12-31 04:11:03

It's elementary windows operation, youll have to find windows support somewhere else.

#2 Re: Support » Touchpen only reacts to "doubleclicks" » 2017-12-31 00:57:56

A few days ago you broke your system. Use system restore, or delete your desmume.ini file if you think you broke desmume instead. You should also try rebooting, in case you havent.

#3 Re: Support » Problem with saving » 2017-12-25 17:30:58

Dont run desmume from a zipfile, dont run desmume from program files, dearchive it to a folder on your desktop. Don't let other people use your computer and delete your files.

#4 Re: Support » Avi is blurred when recording » 2017-12-24 23:44:08

That's a 511x766 video. How did it get that way from 512x768? How did it get to be 512x768 in the first place? Delete your ini file and begin again until you find which option youve changed that breaks it. It's possible this is an our-bug and not a user error, but youve definitely changed your options to an unknown configuration.

#5 Re: Compatibility » pokemon platinum help?? » 2017-12-21 21:19:36

then change the input configuration so you know which button does what

#6 Re: Support » Xbox One Controller » 2017-12-21 21:18:54

I don't know, I do not have access to it for 2 weeks.
This is sounding vaguely familiar to me now. Something about how the driver is enabling directinput hacks "smartly" conditionally instead of globally.

#7 Re: Support » Xbox One Controller » 2017-12-20 22:52:42

Then it's the fault of the preinstalled controller driver or some other utility you have installed for some other purpose.

#8 Re: Support » Minor graphic glitches » 2017-12-20 18:20:30

As explained in your last thread: bugs in all renderers are interesting, unless theyre "something is off by one pixel".

#9 Re: Support » Xbox One Controller » 2017-12-20 18:18:16

Then it's the fault of the preinstalled controller driver or some other utility you have installed.

#10 Re: Support » Xbox One Controller » 2017-12-19 19:15:27

Works for me. It's the fault of the controller driver or some other utility you have installed.

#11 Re: Support » basic settings to put for low performance machines? (details inside) » 2017-12-18 21:35:07

"chrono trigger randomly crashes" isn't a performance problem, it sounds like a "jit block size" problem or a "using old desmume" problem or a "rom is hacked" problem.

#12 Re: Support » I need help » 2017-12-16 08:34:40

this isn't PC tech support. ask someone nearby who knows how to use a computer.

#13 Re: Support » I need help » 2017-12-15 03:38:04

Desmume can't help you. Check your operating system or backup software for old copies of your .dsv or savestate files.

#14 Re: Support » DeSmuME-Reloaded : DS emulator with WiFi support » 2017-12-15 03:37:23

I'll wait for you to properly fork the desmume repository and apply your wifi work to a branch before I analyze this.

#15 Re: Support » Slowdowns on laptop with i7 7700hq » 2017-12-11 22:03:16

"The numbers" do not dip. "A number" dips. That's first one is the one that means your system is malfunctioning and youre getting lower performance than you should. GPU drivers are frequently broken or mis-optimized, so using less 3d accel (i.e. by using softrasterizer) will help agitate them less. I'm glad you solved your problem by resetting your desmume install, apparently?

#16 Re: Support » Slowdowns on laptop with i7 7700hq » 2017-12-11 07:08:29

All the numbers do not drop in the scenario you listed (relative to the preceding scene, the frontend menu). Two of them certainly stay the same, and one of them certainly increases. Now I know you're not even paying attention.

#17 Re: Support » Slowdowns on laptop with i7 7700hq » 2017-12-11 06:51:54

Desmume prints two numbers for FPS. Or four, depending on how you count. You typed one. I don't know which one you're talking about. Do you understand the significance?

Choppy audio can be addressed by fiddling with the audio settings. Of course there's much that can be done if you've chosen the synchronous SPU and youre not getting ideal performance. Since apparently I'm going to have to explicitly say "TELL ME WHICH GAME" I should probably also explicitly say "TELL ME WHICH SCENE".  You might also try issuing --num-cores=1 (or various other numbers) from the commandline, as GPU drivers and system vendors are always trying to do hacks optimized for Battlefield Gun-Shooter Missions 4: Dark Ops, which breaks other productivity software; desmume more resembles the latter.

#18 Re: Support » Slowdowns on laptop with i7 7700hq » 2017-12-11 06:38:04

Re-evaluate how much expertise you think you have concerning which emulators are how heavy. Change your config > display method. Blow the dust out of your fans.   Set your system power management options to maximum performance. I don't know what STOP 1800-1900 means. Sounds like a number you dial for help with addiction problems?

You might also need to define "slowdowns". Some games just run slow by design.

#20 Re: Support » A couple of glitches with the SoftRasterizer » 2017-11-24 09:10:59

That's an off-by-one error. It's supposed to be a dropshadow. The dropshadow exposes more of the characters than it's supposed to.

#21 Re: Support » A couple of glitches with the SoftRasterizer » 2017-11-23 22:02:36

In the future we might should consider fixing softrasterizer to work at all those color depths also.

#22 Re: Support » A couple of glitches with the SoftRasterizer » 2017-11-23 18:27:27

The banding isn't a bug. Opengl may use more colors than an NDS can actually produce.

The item list is definitely wrong. I'll investigate this if you post a .dsv

Bugs in all renderers are interesting, unless theyre "something is off by one pixel"

#23 Re: Support » Problems after Reset? » 2017-11-21 20:41:13

Sounds like you reset while it was busy saving and the save file is corrupted, freezing the game. I'm sure you discover if you remove that game's .dsv file that it will now boot. If you have a savestate, just load that, even though the screen is white. If you don't, youre probably screwed

#24 Re: Support » Save got corrupted now DEsmume now i get "Data could not be accessed." » 2017-11-12 01:02:37

probably won't happen. use desmume in retroarch, maybe they have such a feature. thanks for lending me your confidence that it's user error. with that and the confidence I already had, I can be positive. Despite the 1000s of times it happens to pokemon gamers, I get useful information only zero times, so usually I can only guess.

#25 Re: Support » star fox command slow frame rate in openGL » 2017-11-12 01:01:33

It might speed up whenever we add a texture database

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