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#1 Re: Support » Program keeps crashing? » 2021-10-20 20:43:06

works fine for me. stop using a million years old version of the emulator. you might also try changing config > display method and choosing the softrasterizer for 3d instead of opengl in case your system's GPU drivers are wrecked

#3 Re: General » Metroid Prime Hunters LUA script » 2021-10-14 22:46:22

we should fix whatever problems make it hard to use lua in desmume (dont you have to scrounge up the dll or something) and then include some good scripts in the repository as part of a perks pack for next time we make a release (whenever that may be...)

#4 Re: Support » Target FPS up to 4.000 Display Text » 2021-10-12 20:03:16

you will have to hack the source code or executable to remove those strings

#5 Re: Support » No sound Desmume » 2021-10-12 20:02:31

did your mac update since some days ago?

#7 Re: Support » One screen only » 2021-10-09 04:58:47

Yes, there are many ways for you to configure the emulator to show one screen only. You've discovered that you can reverse that.

#8 Re: Support » Save state file not loading? » 2021-10-09 04:01:52

Then you're using a buggy hack of desmume or the .dst file got corrupted. check your hard disk for errors.

#9 Re: Support » One screen only » 2021-10-08 17:25:40

Use a newer version of desmume and stop using savestates

#10 Re: Support » A code that disables musics completely in M&L Bowser's Inside Story » 2021-10-07 21:34:06

cool!!! nice to know it worked both ways. each will be helpful for giving the same treatment to different games. thanks for reporting your findings.

#11 Re: Support » A code that disables musics completely in M&L Bowser's Inside Story » 2021-10-07 19:00:46

how do you figure these out? are you actually able to use the desmume disassembler, or do you use the GDB stub, or debug the emulator in VS, or what?

#12 Re: Support » I lost my save file on hgss » 2021-10-06 17:32:51

save data is in .dsv files. Search your disk for those and you should understand what you messed up when you moved and renamed your other files. MYGAME.nds should have an accompanying MYGAME.dsv

as for messed up textures: stop using savestates.

#13 Re: Support » Speed Buttons (- & +) Not Working HELP » 2021-10-05 20:23:06

Why don't you leave the thinking to me?
How do you know the speed is fast? Turn on the FPS display and tell me what it says.

#14 Re: Support » Speed Buttons (- & +) Not Working HELP » 2021-10-04 23:59:48

You usually play at 1.5x speed but now it's stuck at 4x speed. what changed? are some games at 1.5x and some games are at 4x?

#15 Re: Support » how do i configure the mouse » 2021-09-27 06:57:38

if the mouse doesn't work, it's because
1. you're using the external firmware file. don't do that, or calibrate it properly
2. you don't understand how the game works and maybe "mouse" isn't supported.

#16 Re: General » Cant find any Desmume 9.12 pokémon platinum (fusion) action codes » 2021-09-26 18:14:22

tools > cheats > list > cheats database > follow instructions

#17 Re: Support » how do i configure the mouse » 2021-09-26 18:13:07

you've tried 2 out of the 8 main buttons. try harder.

#19 Re: General » Cant find any Desmume 9.12 pokémon platinum (fusion) action codes » 2021-09-25 16:09:43

AR codes aren't designed for specific desmume versions. Versions of desmume older than the latest one posted on this site might have bugs that make the AR codes not work.

AR codes _ARE_ designed for specific pokemon versions. You're using a hacked pokemon. There may be no AR codes that work on a hacked pokemon.

#20 Re: Support » Can't launch game on mac » 2021-09-21 19:43:07

make sure youre REALLY using a version from 2021 and then create a problem report while the screen is black and attach it to this thread

#21 Re: Support » Can't launch game on mac » 2021-09-21 09:35:58

display method is in windows only.
use a newer build from the downloads page

#23 Re: Support » A code that disables musics completely in M&L Bowser's Inside Story » 2021-09-20 19:20:39

nobody's gonna make that code for you. you'll have to become a super hacker. but i can suggest something a little easier. use the SPU view to find the addresses of _instruments_ that are playing. then zero them all out in hex editor or by lua script. then the instruments will be silenced and only sfx will play. or rather, if you want, you can use the spu view to find the addresses of the SFX, if you can isolate them from the constant chatter of the instruments. then you can dump them directly (the spu viewer will tell you the length of the sfx also). please note that the sfx are also likely to be small musical jingles or modulated in realtime, so this may not result in 100% what you're accustomed to hearing. Please also note on the NDS, some sounds may be GB-type sounds. So the most reliable way to do it will be to zero out the instruments.

You will find more help doing this kind of thing on a homebrewer or reverse engineers forum, not this place full of people asking how to press the start button or why they lost their save files.

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