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#1 Re: Support » is multi touch supproted in desmume? » 2011-03-26 12:56:46

No, sorry, but the two points to touch in hotel dusk doesnt work like the one in last window. id read the faq, but the "imaginal shining two points that appears at once" does not appears in hotel dusk when i do it in the same way like in last window !!!
how can i do that? is there an other way?

#2 Re: Support » is multi touch supproted in desmume? » 2011-01-16 15:49:42

Jo, im at this stage too. the methods in which you see two circles (last window), is not functional for the electrical triggers in hotel dusk. they work in an other way!
Can anyone help us for this one ???


#3 Re: Support » Touching two points at once? » 2010-12-30 19:47:09

Hi, i play "Hotel Dusk" at the moment. In the 2nd level you must lift a cupboard with a crowbar, to remove a paper wich is under it. when you leave the crowbar, to get the paper,(white circle), the cupboard smashes back to the floor, and someone is coming to watch at. My question is: How can i get the paper under the cupboard, without leaving the crowbar??? can anyone help me? thx a lot!


#4 Re: Support » Last Window - Selecting Objects in 3D » 2010-12-11 22:39:15

Oh, yes. i have found it. and your right, i had v 0.9.5 ! the new one does it right. hm, i have read the text about the fire alarm, later. to touch two objects simultan. i dont think i have understand how i must do this, because im german (my schooltime was a few years ago-) and my english is not so good.-( but when i be there in the game i will check it out! THX for your help!                            greetz, Enki

#5 Re: Support » Last Window - Selecting Objects in 3D » 2010-12-11 15:28:30

I have also problems. the items are when you want to highlite them in the oposite position. and in the 2nd kapital, the phone (your pieper rings for the first time) cannot be alocated (lighted orange). for example: the table is the ansering machine. the radio the cupboard. only th ephone isa not going orange. What should i do?
Had anyone the same problpems??? i would thank you for a answer!
greetz, Enki

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