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#1 Support II (decommissioned) » inuyasha secret of the divine jewel » 2008-11-13 02:04:16

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this game is listed on your compatibility list as playable but the game flashes but works otherwise can you please try and fix that or if you dont have the time just tell me thank you very much

#2 Support II (decommissioned) » compatibility » 2008-11-12 04:04:35

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ok im sorry about the piracy thing but where can i get games that will work with the emulator that you approve since to tell u the truth i feel its wrong to use your program in a way you dont like please answer me shash

#3 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Problem with getting roms to load on DeSmuME » 2008-11-12 00:40:23


As the title to the posts suggests, I am having difficulties getting roms to load on DeSmuME. I am facing the same problem that the member isa is facing as described in the post "screen doesn't show up." When I try to load a rom, I receive a blank white screen after it flashes black 3 or 4 times.

The rom I am trying to load is the legend of zelda phantom hourglass. I have downloaded this rom from several rom sites to make sure it was not the rom providing the issue.

I am using a PC with a Windows XP x64 OS. I don't know if that would cause an issue with the emulator software.

If anyone could give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. sad xhudaman

#4 Re: Support » Control Change » 2008-11-12 00:38:09

i cant get the emulator to connect with my pc controller it is philips brand if it helps at all sad

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