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We won't make a 3DS/2DS emulator.

#2 Re: General » Any new updates with the compatibility » 2007-07-06 17:12:18

pokemon, no$GBA, and asking about a new CVS, this thread is the example of horrible.

#3 Re: Support » unable to initialize openGL » 2007-05-31 16:13:57

do you have direct X 9 installed?

#4 Re: General » How do you import backup Memory? » 2007-05-17 05:19:09

file > load state as > the file you want

#5 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Subject3 dadadadad! est!!!! » 2007-05-13 19:40:23

we got rid of the spam on my guild forums by making it when you register you have to input the numbers/letters on an image, and you have to confirm your email.

#6 Re: General » is v0.7 really better » 2007-05-12 05:01:09

i dont have the latest WIP on this PC, but how is FF3 fairing in the latest release?

#7 Re: General » Rom not woking, please help me! » 2007-05-06 16:56:45

pokemon is not yet supported, try the next WIP when it's released.

#8 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » 1039 - SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters DS (U) » 2007-05-01 21:18:19

you have one of three options

1. buy a DS
2. Make your own emulator
3. Wait for the next WIP and see if it's compatible.

#9 Re: General » It has been 3 months since the last emulator release. » 2007-04-29 01:47:12

Serio wrote:

It will be out when it's out and pokeymans aren't anywhere near the top priority to get working. tongue

but how with the pokefans catch them all?!?!

#10 Re: Support » Problem with compiling CVS using dev-cpp... » 2007-04-27 03:55:29

what happened with the PCSX2? I am just wondering, i know totally off topic.

#11 Re: General » Direct3D version released » 2007-04-05 12:58:23

when i go to the site all i get are a bunch of ??????????????

#13 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » New Digimon Story (Sun Burst & Moon Light) » 2007-03-31 05:25:33

yeah some roms aren't compatible, but i wouldn't give it long before shash gets em up and running, the emulator (though a few speed issues that will be resolved i hear) is doing great! Leaps and bounds more than before the 3D was introduced.

Just give it time and i'm sure the game you wanna play will work in a future build.

#14 Re: General » Off Topic » 2007-03-17 20:31:50

wow shash, with the new code ace attorney is completely playable! Stutters somethimes, but everything in the menu is now visibllw and works! Good job!

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